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Oregon Full chisel saw chain 3/8 pitch .058 gauge (1.5mm)
100-foot bulk reel of 73EXL100U Professional Full chisel saw chain. Cuts faster and smoother than the old-style 73LGX chain and features grooves in drive links for improved oiling and less chain stretch. Round ground and sharpens with 7/32" file
Example - This roll would make 22.78 20" loops with 72 drive links.
1640 drive links in a 100-foot roll. 30 matched Connecting links and 20 boxes included free with chain. 

  • Oregon 73EXL has a reshaped cutter and proprietary grind technology for superior performance, sharpness and consistency (replaces 73LGX).
  • This low-vibration, full chisel cutter chain is designed to maximize every cut with less effort.
  • LubriTec technology.
  • blued cutters and tie straps. Expanded top plate filing indicators and depth gauge filing indicators.
  • Marker link with silver tie strap makes sharpening easier with a start and stop identifier.